Advantages of implant dentistry

Besides functionality, dental implants have the added advantage of looking just like natural teeth. We are able to offer patients who visit our office the most natural appearance possible by combining implant dentistry and cosmetic dentistry techniques.

The ideal replacements for missing teeth must also feel like natural teeth and be easy to clean and maintain. It is important for you to be assured that your teeth will remain stable and supportive while eating, allow you to speak properly and easily, and eliminate the bulkiness and discomfort associated with traditional dentures.

The long-term safety of replacing your lost teeth with dental implants at a reputable center that is well established. Patients who choose to wear traditional dentures often suffer from bone loss and disintegration of facial structure, which can also result in the loss of otherwise healthy teeth. Implant dentistry solves all of the problems associated with tooth loss, maintaining bone and facial structure while providing beautiful, comfortable, durable, natural-looking teeth.

Other advantages
- Proven success of dental implants for our patients
- Experience and know-how that works for your individual situation
- Preservation of existing teeth
- Rejuvenation of the form and shape of the face
- Wrinkle elimination in many cases
- Gorgeous smiles
- Restored chewing ability
- Relief from the pain of dentures and partials
- No embarrassing accidents of teeth falling out
- Getting noticed by that special someone you want to notice you
- Being able to smile every day
- Stops your teeth from getting worse with constantly advancing bone loss or gum disease
- An investment in yourself that pays big dividends every day of your life
- Enhanced comfort and reduced anxiety leaving you with a radiant smile
- Comfortable, confident chewing

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