We will check for periodontal or gum disease using instruments and X-rays. An instrument called a periodontal probe is used to gently measure the depth of the sulcus (the shallow v-shaped crevice between your teeth and gums). A healthy sulcus depth is usually three millimeters or less. Healthy gum tissue does not bleed, so you and your dentist should see no bleeding during your evaluation. Gum or periodontal disease causes the sulcus to deepen into a pocket. A periodontal probe can determine whether you have developed any pockets and the depth of those pockets. Generally, the more severe the disease, the deeper the pocket.

Dental X-Rays also may be taken to evaluate the amount of bone supporting the teeth and to detect other problems not visible with the naked eye.

During the examination appointment, every effort will be made to address your chief complaints. To that end, a thorough review of your medical history, and comprehensive oral exam (checking for decay, measuring pocket depth, recession, mobility, etc.) and evaulating X-Rays will be performed to reach a proper diagnosis.

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